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Lewa Conservancy recently hosted a headteachers’ workshop for key education stakeholders from 27 Lewa-supported schools. The training was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission, which ensured a comprehensive planning experience.

Following the inclusion of junior secondary school students in the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), attendees provided insight into how the schools would operate, the role of donors and supporters, and how they could ensure a smooth transition into the new system without negatively impacting the students. This is an important step towards improving the education system and ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary skills for their future.

There was also a discussion about school policy changes, the integration of new schools into the Lewa Education Programme (LEP), and new data laws under the guidance of Lewa’s legal officer, Anne Muhoro.

“We are excited to host key education stakeholders to assist us plan for the year and offer us direction in terms of activities and policy changes in education that will effect how Lewa supports schools. We are pleased to have welcomed 27 institutional heads among them four new secondary school principals,” Purity Kinoti head of LEP said during the event.

Lewa’s Head of Education Programme Purity Kinoti speaks to teachers alongside Ephantus Mugo (L) Conservation Education Coordinator.

Lewa’s Legal officer who walked the headteachers through the data policy said, “We live in a time where data security is critical for everyone. It’s important to be acquainted with the current data protection regulations and implement them at the workplace. We found it necessary to guide the principals through the Data Protection Act and define their data protection responsibilities. The conference was dynamic; various concerns were addressed, as was the need to guarantee that the data they obtain and handle is stored legally and for the intended purpose. Many scenarios and examples were used in the discussion to explain how data protection standards apply in a range of contexts. It was an honour to guide the principals during this session.”

Anne Muhoro Lewa’s Legal Officer speaking to the key education stakeholders

“Today we are concluding a consultative workshop with Lewa sponsored school headteachers and principals on the way forward for 2023,” stated Mathew Munyi, headmaster at Enakishomi primary school. “ The event was very engaging and raised important questions for the future, particularly about CBC and emerging issues. ”














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