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The Subuiga Dam, designed with a capacity of 200,000 cubic metres, is progressing successfully in its mission to alleviate water scarcity for 15,000 community members during dry seasons. Phase I, covering planning, design, and completion, has been effectively executed, thanks to Lewa’s collaborative efforts with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Water Resource Authority, Meru County Government, Water Resources Users’ Association (WRUA), and Kisima Farm.

Phase II is now on the horizon, involving the design of the distribution system and the commencement of piping to deliver water to the communities. Notably, the ongoing rains have facilitated the collection of 100% of the targeted cubic metres, marking a positive development.

On the topic of  addressing water scarcity and improving the livelihoods of the local communities, we now have 18 water initiatives successfully implemented by Lewa with the establishment of the Kithima-Kia-Mugumo water project in Ntumburi.

The inception of the project was community-driven, with members taking the lead in the conservation of a local spring. Working in tandem with the Water Resource Authority (WRA), they actively contributed to the setting up of distribution lines to efficiently serve the surrounding communities. This grassroots involvement underscores the empowerment of the local population in addressing their water needs.

Recognising the ongoing commitment and needs of the community, Lewa is poised to extend its support to the water project. In the pipeline is the provision of piping for additional distribution lines, ensuring a broader reach and more efficient water distribution. This collaborative effort not only highlights the success of community-driven initiatives but also reflects Lewa’s dedication to sustainable solutions and continued support for the well-being of the communities it serves.



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