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Conservation efforts by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and partners to save Africa’s iconic species are yielding positive results.

In five years, from 2012-2017, data collected across the Laikipia-Samburu-
Marsabit ecosystem – regions surrounding and connecting to Lewa – showed a 12% increase in the elephant populations across the landscape.

Lewa provides a safe and secure habitat for elephants. Our main focus being to promote human-elephant coexistence, monitoring the movement of herds, as well as ensuring landscape connectivity.

30+ years of investment and commitment have allowed us to continually record increasingly stable and rising wildlife numbers. Impact which has only been possible with our friends and partners by our side.

As we spend the day, acknowledging, respecting and honouring the majestic and inspiring Elephant, let the commitment grow, be strong and remain steadfast so as to continue providing a safe and secure environment for Kenya’s elephants.

Majestic footage by @shaunmousley

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