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Celebrating World Rhino Day 2022

On Thursday, 22nd September 2022, we celebrated World Rhino Day through a 6 km-walk within the conservancy. This event, which was graced by the communities…
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Journal: Integrating Conservation Education To The National School Curriculum. 

The Lewa Conservation Education department recently published a journal dubbed "Integrating Conservation Education Content Into The National School Curriculum Through Educational Technology To Promote Environmental Action"…
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Kenya on the path to establish new Mountain Bongo and Black Rhino sanctuary on Mt. Kenya

Bongos from Florida to be repatriated to Mt. Kenya. Black Rhinos at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (LWC) returning to the Mt. Kenya ecosystem. The Kenya Forest…

Celebrating World Ranger Day 2022

Every year on 31st July we join the world in acknowledging and appreciating the vital efforts our rangers put into the protection and preservation of…

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